■ 2016.04.30

Climbers advised not to climb Mount Fuji before July as 'Official Web Site' offers climbing guidelines, information

Climbers advised not to climb Mount Fuji before July as

‘Official Web Site’ offers climbing guidelines, information

Climbers are urged not to climb Mount Fuji before the summer climbing season opens in July. And even during the climbing season from early July to September, climbers who want to go up above the Fifth Station of the mountain are advised to have sufficient skills, experience and knowledge, as well as proper climbing gear and clothes and a well-prepared climbing plan.


The Council for the Promotion of the Proper Use of Mt. Fuji, made up of the Environment Ministry, Yamanashi Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture, has drawn up a set of “Guidelines for Safely Climbing Mt. Fuji” with many other useful suggestions and information for those aspiring to reach the top of Japan’s highest mountain in view of the increasing number of climbing accidents each year, especially since the 3,776-meter mountain was designated by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 2013.


The council’s “Official Web Site for Mt. Fuji Climbing” says the 2016 climbing season is scheduled to begin on July 1 for the Yoshida Trail (July 10 for the other four trails – Subashiri, Gotemba, Fujinomiya, and Ohachi-meguri trails) and close on September 10.


The English-language Web site provides various other advice and suggestions for climbing also during the open season – such as advice on clothes, gears and shoes, the weather, mountain sickness, and toilets – as well as rules and regulations – mountain hikers and climbers have to know before climbing. Please visit the Web site for more details.



Shizuoka Prefecture also offers similar advice and information for safely climbing Mount Fuji on a separate Web site.