■ 2015.02.14

English translation of a popular book on Japan's 100 mountains published


English translation of a popular book on Japan’s 100 mountains published

 Kyuya Fukada’s celebrated book on 100 prominent mountains in Japan – “Nihon Hyakumeizan” – has been translated into English by a British mountain climber and published by the University of Hawaii Press. The English translation, “One Hundred Mountains of Japan,” is available at the UH Press or through Amazon. 

The translator is Martin Hood, now working for an international organization in Switzerland. He is a member of the Academic Alpine Club of Zurich. While living in Japan during the 1990s, Hood climbed about one third of the “Hundred Mountains.”

 The original Japanese book was published in 1964 after the completion of a magazine serialization of the 100 essays on each of Fukada’s favorite mountains. It became an instant classic for mountain hikers and mountaineers, as well as students of Japan’s literature, folklore and culture. The 100 prominent mountains, although selected personally by Fukada, who is also a mountaineer himself as well as writer, have become an institution and goals of many mountaineers and mountain-lovers to climb today.

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