■ 2017.07.20

Japan-Korea-China students' climbing summit set for Aug. 7-14 in S. Korea 

Annual Japan-Korea-China students’ climbing summit to be held in S. Korea Aug. 7-14  

The 2017 international students’ climbing summit, the 11th in an annual series to promote friendship through joint mountaineering events will be held from Aug. 7 to 14 in Ulsan, southeastern South Korea. 

The participants include 30 students – 10 members each from the three countries’ alpine clubs – and several managers accompanying the students. The event is sponsored by the Corean Alpine Club this year.

This annual series has been hosted alternately by the CAC, the Japanese Alpine Club, and the Chinese Mountaineering Association, in their respective countries. 

This year’s students’ mountaineering summit is held in the Yeongnam Alps district in Ulsan Metropolitan City. 

While staying in Deung-eok hot-spring area, the participants will ascend to the 1,159-meter peak of Mount Shinbul through Ganweol and Shinbul dinosaur ridges on Aug. 10, and participate in climbing at climbing slabs at Mount Baekwoon on Aug. 11. 

They will make presentations about their countries to help deepen their mutual understanding before climbing these mountains. They will also visit Hyundai Motors and go on a pleasure trip in the city.