■ 2018.02.13

Latest Asian Alpine E-News features Elizabeth Hawley, three expeditions

Latest Asian Alpine E-News features Elizabeth Hawley

The latest February 2018 issue of the Asian Alpine E-News is now uploaded on the AAEN Website, with Elizabeth Hawley, an American journalist known as the undisputed authority on mountaineering in Nepal, as its feature. Ms. Hawley, who had lived in Nepal since 1960, died in Kathmandu on January 26.


The other three articles contained in the No.18 issue are a report by the German Alpine Club about far west Nepal, Waseda University Alpine Club’s achievements in Nepal, and the first ascent by the Kobe University Alpine Club of Lopchin in the Kangri Garpo mountains, east Tibet. 

Asian Alpine E-News is compiled with reports and contributions mainly from the Asian mountaineering community with Tamotsu Nakamura, Asian Alpine Associate, as editor.


The January 2018 issue was also uploaded on the Website on January 7.