■ 2016.06.10

Nepal earthquake relief fund given to groups to help Langtang, Rolwaling in the Himalayas

Nepal earthquake relief fund given to groups to help Langtang, Rolwaling in the Himalayas


In the wake of the deadly Nepal earthquake of April 25, 2015 and its afterquakes, the Japanese Alpine Club and five other mountaineering-related organizations in Japan have raised a total of 27,942,390 yen as relief fund and recently distributed the money to five groups, including two to help restore the devastated Langtang and Rolwanling regions in the Himalayas.


Of the total, 10 million yen was given to the Japanese NGO “Langtang Plan” to help rebuild Langtang Village – known as one of the world’s most beautiful valleys. The Kyoto-based group has been working to help the village’s rebuilding soon after the earthquake and avalanches reduced the whole village to rubbles and one third of lives there were lost.


MACFOD NEPAL, a public organization based in Kathmandu, received 12,123,000 yen, which is used to help rebuild two schools destroyed by the earthquake in Rolwaling, home of many excellent Sherpas.  


The other three groups and the amount of money they received are:


SPCC (Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee), an environmental NGO in Khumbu Region, 1.8 million yen to help build a large waste incinerator;


Kathmandu Green Fund, a Japanese NGO, 1 million yen to cover costs to deliver food to mountain villages near the Nepalese capital, as well as costs for tin plates and temporary school buildings;


Nepal Mountaineering Association, 2,250,600 yen (equivalent to US$20,000).


The fund-raising by the JAC and the five other organizations – the Japan Mountaineering Association, the Japan Mountain Guides Association, the Japan Workers’ Alpine Federation, the Himalayan Adventure Trust of Japan, and the Himalayan Association of Japan – was closed on March 31, 2016.